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Event Includes:
  • - x5 everything mode (for one week)
  • - 3 Free V.I.P Giveaways
  • - Free Money, Tokens, Zombie Points etc will be given away
  • - Video Recording
and much more! Please JOIN; so can we help increase our playerbase and enjoy playing Zombie Mode!
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  1. Aaron


    b0.82 - x5 Everything enabled - Added Two New Maps ZM_Origin ZM_ChinatownRush - Minor Fixes
  2. Aaron


    b0.81 - HUD Replacements from (b0.53) - Old Nemesis skin is back! :) - New more efficient Random Zombie Selection! (Completely re-done) - Color Changes to name tags - Camouflage Zombie Removed - Updated /rules (completely changed format) - Weapon Shop re-arrangement and more player friendly. -...
  3. Aaron


    b0.80 - b0.79 canceled - Removed Level requirement weapon actions (such as move and shoot) - Firewall Fixes/Proxy Fixes to allow players that are innocent connecting - Bug Fixes.
  4. Aaron

    b0.79 (CANCELED)

    ALPHA b0.79 - HUD Changes - PowerBar Added (once your ability is ready again it's full to indicate you to use again - Normal GTA SA run style; expect zombies have a faster run style - The health system is COMPLETELY changed. It's more realistic and now we have armour included! - Class HP...
  5. Aaron

    Los Santos Zombie Apocalypse

    Dear Members, I've have been secretly working on a my previous attempt to re-make a popular SA:MP server Los Santos Zombie Apocalypse. I have completed it and I hope this does some popularity for our community! We're on hosted tab and the server is live as of right now! IP:
  6. Aaron

    ZM Officially... ?

    Is ZM officially dead? I've been updating the server and even on hosted tab. People are just not interested in ZM anymore. I'm about to officially claim it dead..
  7. Aaron


    b0.78 - Zombies now have knives. - Changed to 3D text above player names. - Added map ZM_OfficeTrade by Trice (Old Map Name: ZM_TradePT1) - Minor Changes to the System - Map ID's removed...
  8. Aaron


    b0.77 - Fixed Anti-SpawnKill Bug/Added After 4 warnings will respawn the human. - Fixed Command typos. - Meat Drops should not longer give anything below zero value. - Level 36+ can move and shoot with weapons now. - Player now auto spawns after logging in. - Other/Minor Bug Fixes
  9. Aaron

    Zombie Mode New IP (

    Hi, Zombie Mode has been transferred due to old host closing down. We have transferred over a powerful VPS that will host the server. We don't have hosted tab unforunately and will find a plan to get one in the future. With a VPS we have options to have more SA:MP servers or other gameservers...
  10. Aaron

    In transtition. (EDIT: COMPLETE)

    Hi, Our current host provider is shutting down. We are in transtiton into a new host or VPS. Downside to the VPS is we won't have hosted tab, but it will save money. I'm still debating this and I will let you all know. I apprecaiate your patience. It's unfortunate news for the host.
  11. Aaron


    b0.76 - Anti Spawn Kill (If human shoots zombie in range 3.5 meters away from spawn will result in shooter getting a warning) - Added Zombie Class Info Messages ( - Player Stats are now...
  12. Aaron

    I'm back

    Hey guys, As many of you noticed that my computer was broken into and damaged. I ended up buying all the replacements and they just arrived today. I installed new Ram, Graphics Card and power supply. It's up and running again! Expect a update soon! :) For those who don't know what happened...
  13. Aaron

    Gone for a bit..

    Someone broke into my apartment and trashed it. My computer they fucked it up.
  14. Aaron


    b0.75 - Color Changes to nametags and teams - Removed Main Menu. It makes the gameplay better and removes any bugs that it caused. It will return in the future if needed. - Zombie Selection after logging in - Added /createclass - Added /vipinfo - Updated /cmds - Removed Intro Song as it caused...
  15. Aaron


    Yes, I am posting a suggestion myself, but i would like to see what you guys think? I think ZM was bettter when stats were shown like in the first versions of ZM in 2012. What do you think?
  16. Aaron

    Metro Exodus Gameplay

  17. Aaron


    b0.74 - Two Nemesis after 20 players. - Added new Zombie Class named Mutated Zombie. Skill: LALT near 20.0 range will infect all humans. Delay: Can use every 120 seconds (1 minute and 20 seconds) per life. Resets on death. - Info Message boxes to help newbies. Ex: - Added some new...
  18. Aaron

    Zombie Mode Gameplay 2019

    Decided to do a quick clip of ZM
  19. Aaron


    Quick patch fix for - Zombie Selection (Players in main menu will NOT be selected for zombie selection or not logged or if not spawned) - Main Menu (PLAY button issue not spawning you fixed) - Added (/fix) It makes it if your camera is bugged it will fix it. - Nemesis zombie HP increased.
  20. Aaron


    b0.73 - Zombie Drops have been added. - Drops have changed from Christmas Gift Box to Meat Object (2804) - Removed Death Stat counter from stats on screen. You can view total deaths via /stats - Classic Zombie, Big Zombie and Alpha Boomer cannot be cherried anymore. - Simplified some textdraws...