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Zombie Mode Event!

Event Includes:
  • - x5 everything mode (for one week)
  • - 3 Free V.I.P Giveaways
  • - Free Money, Tokens, Zombie Points etc will be given away
  • - Video Recording
and much more! Please JOIN; so can we help increase our playerbase and enjoy playing Zombie Mode!
The event is here!

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  1. Aaron

    [OFFICIAL] Pro Gaming Arena Visual Deign Service - Forum Signature Designs and More.

    Get me one without number I can add this
  2. Aaron


    b0.82 - x5 Everything enabled - Added Two New Maps ZM_Origin ZM_ChinatownRush - Minor Fixes
  3. Aaron

    Hello I'am Fargas

    Welcome to the community!
  4. Aaron

    [SUBMISSION] Chinatown Rush

    It looks good!
  5. Aaron

    [OFFICIAL] CryMaker Youtube Channel

    I've replied to your thread; P.S The event is on top of the forum. There is a countdown.
  6. Aaron

    [QUESTION] How to Convert MTA .map to .ipl?

    I'm trying to figure this out. So you have a .map file file? If so upload that to convertffs and convert it to CreateObject. If IPL format try this:
  7. Aaron

    [OFFICIAL] CryMaker Youtube Channel

    Good job :) lmk if you want to do a video together and do a commentary
  8. Aaron


    Not yet. There was a bug where a player spawned twice and it made them crash.
  9. Aaron


    b0.81 - HUD Replacements from (b0.53) - Old Nemesis skin is back! :) - New more efficient Random Zombie Selection! (Completely re-done) - Color Changes to name tags - Camouflage Zombie Removed - Updated /rules (completely changed format) - Weapon Shop re-arrangement and more player friendly. -...
  10. Aaron

    [QUESTION] How to Convert MTA .map to .ipl?
  11. Aaron


    b0.80 - b0.79 canceled - Removed Level requirement weapon actions (such as move and shoot) - Firewall Fixes/Proxy Fixes to allow players that are innocent connecting - Bug Fixes.
  12. Aaron

    b0.79 (CANCELED)

    Update Canceled
  13. Aaron

    [ABOUT] My ideas for pGA Zombie Mode Server

    Im I'm at work rn I'll look later
  14. Aaron

    [ABOUT] My ideas for pGA Zombie Mode Server

    That server issue I'll have to look into. No need for caps sounds like you're angry lol.
  15. Aaron

    [ABOUT] My ideas for pGA Zombie Mode Server

    7 years ago I already tried zombie escape didnt work out to well
  16. Aaron

    [OFFICIAL] Pro Gaming Arena Visual Deign Service - Forum Signature Designs and More.

    I would like a banner for the forums. The size is 2000x300
  17. Aaron

    b0.79 (CANCELED)

  18. Aaron

    b0.79 (CANCELED)

    CJ PEDS style is only for Zombies now. Normal Slow Run is for humans.
  19. Aaron

    b0.79 (CANCELED)

    ALPHA b0.79 - HUD Changes - PowerBar Added (once your ability is ready again it's full to indicate you to use again - Normal GTA SA run style; expect zombies have a faster run style - The health system is COMPLETELY changed. It's more realistic and now we have armour included! - Class HP...
  20. Aaron

    Los Santos Zombie Apocalypse

    Try now.