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Zombie Mode Event!

Event Includes:
  • - x5 everything mode (for one week)
  • - 3 Free V.I.P Giveaways
  • - Free Money, Tokens, Zombie Points etc will be given away
  • - Video Recording
and much more! Please JOIN; so can we help increase our playerbase and enjoy playing Zombie Mode!
The event is here!

Recent content by Aaron

  1. Aaron

    [OFFICIAL] Pro Gaming Arena Visual Deign Service - Forum Signature Designs and More.

    Get me one without number I can add this
  2. Aaron


    b0.82 - x5 Everything enabled - Added Two New Maps ZM_Origin ZM_ChinatownRush - Minor Fixes
  3. Aaron

    Hello I'am Fargas

    Welcome to the community!
  4. Aaron

    [SUBMISSION] Chinatown Rush

    It looks good!
  5. Aaron

    [OFFICIAL] CryMaker Youtube Channel

    I've replied to your thread; P.S The event is on top of the forum. There is a countdown.
  6. Aaron

    [QUESTION] How to Convert MTA .map to .ipl?

    I'm trying to figure this out. So you have a .map file file? If so upload that to convertffs and convert it to CreateObject. If IPL format try this:
  7. Aaron

    [OFFICIAL] CryMaker Youtube Channel

    Good job :) lmk if you want to do a video together and do a commentary
  8. Aaron


    Not yet. There was a bug where a player spawned twice and it made them crash.
  9. Aaron


    b0.81 - HUD Replacements from (b0.53) - Old Nemesis skin is back! :) - New more efficient Random Zombie Selection! (Completely re-done) - Color Changes to name tags - Camouflage Zombie Removed - Updated /rules (completely changed format) - Weapon Shop re-arrangement and more player friendly. -...
  10. Aaron

    [QUESTION] How to Convert MTA .map to .ipl?
  11. Aaron


    b0.80 - b0.79 canceled - Removed Level requirement weapon actions (such as move and shoot) - Firewall Fixes/Proxy Fixes to allow players that are innocent connecting - Bug Fixes.
  12. Aaron

    b0.79 (CANCELED)

    Update Canceled
  13. Aaron

    [ABOUT] My ideas for pGA Zombie Mode Server

    Im I'm at work rn I'll look later
  14. Aaron

    [ABOUT] My ideas for pGA Zombie Mode Server

    That server issue I'll have to look into. No need for caps sounds like you're angry lol.
  15. Aaron

    [ABOUT] My ideas for pGA Zombie Mode Server

    7 years ago I already tried zombie escape didnt work out to well