Medic Man One Point Recovery

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I have created a different medical system from /Cure, this is simply that at the time of being acquired "arms store" give you 1 point recovery, the system tries that the human who has acquired it has the possibility to press Left ALT and Automatically will make a point where humans infected and with little life can rest to be cured and if you have less than 100% of life recover life up to 89%!


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Where did you get the script?
I'm sorry Aj, but it's not your script.... remember I am an advanced programmer and do everything or the vast majority of your script is more than all graphics.... the programming is totally different.... only to learn I had to guide me through your script.... but I repeat.... is not your Script in Anything .
I hope you're not going to bother....Just led me from your script nothing more...

kind regards
TheBlackKing :p
Right, it's whatever. Wizzy did released the script at one point so I am not surprised.
It's not your script.... all I did and the Gamemode base I used was your same creation "Zombie Apocalipsis" Besides that if Wizzy released your script is the fault of him not mine, I could not download because he remove it quickly from the site of Samp and if it were done would have to find each plugin of each programming of your script to run.... Also that is the same gamemode that is used in Outbreak Gaming... is the same that we use. The difference is that you change it to your style, But calm... thanks to that I learned a lot about PWN, I was thinking to change the same way... Because it is not fair to copy me from your creativity, only that's why I learned to program in Samp.

Don't bother about it ;)


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Like I said I don't care, lol. Don't make a big deal about it.

P.S Outbreak Gaming used my gamemode and only added a couple updates therefor it is still my script therefor not yours, not OB or anyone else.
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