General suggestion.

In-game Name: bi0sss.
What is your suggestion: Hello everyone, I come with a suggestion about a game mode for the community, my idea was to build on an old server of hunger games of samp, which almost a year ago that community closed,
For reference I will leave some videos and explain every detail of the commands, functions, among others

Please insert a video/screenshot if there is any to give us an example:

Okey, In this video we will have some references, to start with the players forming a circle and inside them objects, weapons, food, medicines, bushes to camouflage, among others.
The second part was the backpack system, It consists of having 10 empty, in which we can equip ourselves, store medicines, meals, weapons, among others. (Minute 0:40 of video)
The following window would be the same only that will show you in that case what you kept or equipped in your backpack, And the last window of the backpack would be Equip gun, use medically, etc, to throw the items in the case that a partner needs it or just have something unnecessary in our backpack that we want to throw away and the last to cancel the function in general.

The third part consists of improvement skills, (Minute 1:55) consists of each level that exceeds, you can improve a skill, whether to take double fast weapons, ammunition, among others.

Others references:

To finish, my intention is not to do spam or anything, as I say that community already closed almost a year ago and it would not be a bad idea to build a Hunger games and increase the players, since I see it very attractive a hunger games, Respectfully a greeting everyone and thank you for your time.


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Currently we have two servers online, and we have to take care of those before we make another project + we have only 1 developer which cannot develop 3 servers at once
-1 for me


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It's a great idea to consider. Currently, we are developing Zombie Roleplay and Zombie Mode. I feel like once Zombie Roleplay is stable, I will consider this!