Forbidden Weapons

Since Zm has been a bit empty (excluding the update that I liked a lot), you have to make it much more entertaining.... Adding all the weapons (obviously modifying the damage of each)....Then I'll show you some of the weapons that need to be added

1) Granade 5 Ammo *You can't buy more until the next round
2) Mlotov 5 Ammo *You can't buy more until the next round
3) RPG 1-3 Ammo *You can't buy more until the next round
3) Minigun 100 Ammo
Also add hand-held weapons. (Kill by HeadShot)
I do not add the damage because that will take AJ....

What I do want to add is the consumption... maybe for every weapon with enough damage (Minigun, RPG....), subtract 5 score, added to the expense that will be made with coins, or maybe you can buy by levels and with tokens, to make it easier for some users....

PS: But as I know that many will not agree even if they make the server more entertaining... I just give my suggestion and well who want to add I like this welcome....



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that won't change anything or add new to the experience.
ZM is good at it is by not having those weapons. wether bump down the damage given or not.

also grenade was added before when zm is in OB and heavily abused by alot of players to get in any higher spots.
but headshot is kind of a thing if it's added, i like it but still the rest of suggestion is pointless.
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